Full range of accounting services including bookkeeping, corporate tax preparation, financial statements, regulatory filing requirements, and assistance with business plans and cash flow statements. We also review your current internal controls over asset control, cheque writing and any other area of critical interest to your business and make recommendations to improve your security.


We offer an a la carte approach to bookkeeping, allowing the client to choose the services that they require. We can prepare your bookkeeping requirements according to your need, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.


Invoice and statement preparation, mailing or emailing client invoices and statements. Banking and reconciliation of accounts receivable, and when necessary, collection activities.


Invoice posting, reconciliation with supplier statements, verification of invoice amounts with client, cheque preparation and mailing.


We can help you set up and maintain an electronic inventory system to help you better track your cost of goods sold and implement an inventory re-order system.


Financial statement preparation according to the client’s needs. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual statement preparation.


Corporate tax return preparation including year end adjusting entries, dividend vs wages discussions, tax planning strategies and electronic filing of your Corporate return.


Preparing and filing your GST/HST reports as needed. Most file quarterly or annually, but some are monthly. Electronic filing of your reports whenever possible. Set up GST/HST quick method when appropriate.


Preparation of payroll for you and your employees. Making sure that you are compliant with the labour standards board, filing the appropriate documents with the relevant regulatory authorities.
Tracking employee data for holiday pay, preparation of Records of Employment (ROE’s) when needed, preparation and filing of T4’s with CRA and ensuring that your Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) filing requirements are made and kept up to date.
For those who require direct deposit for their employees, this option is available.


Prepare and file your payroll remittance forms monthly (due the 15th of each month) or with larger payrolls, filing the required reports due the 10th and 25th of each month.


Would you like to do your own bookkeeping in house but don’t know where to start?
We offer training in Simply Accounting, Quick Books or Excel. We can assist with the selection, purchase, installation and setup of your software, and can provide you and your staff with as much or as little training as you need. Once we have you feeling comfortable and confident with your bookkeeping, we are available for ongoing consulting and assistance as needed.